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Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Being a human is hard. When life side swipes us, it can get even harder.

There are times in our lives when we experience change for which we feel unprepared. One day, life is normal. The next, you feel like you’re drowning and there’s no one to throw you a lifesaver. You feel like a lifesaver may not even exist for the situation you’ve found yourself in.

A few examples are:

  • Being or having a loved one be diagnosed with a serious illness
  • Losing a job
  • Experiencing a break-up or divorce
  • Moving to a new, unfamiliar place
  • Losing a loved one
  • Experiencing a traumatic event or accident
  • Beginning a new phase in life
  • Having a baby
  • Financial turmoil
  • Gaining or losing a significant amount of weight
  • Experiencing failure

You may see your situation listed here and you may not. Regardless, if you have found yourself on this page, you are likely feeling lost. You have no idea how to cope with this change or loss and you’re scared of what tomorrow holds.

You’re probably thinking,

“What is life supposed to look like now? How can I get out of bed and start my day with the same amount of energy or hope that I used to always have? Who am I, now that so much has changed?”

Everything is different. Colors don’t look the same. Your favorite food doesn’t taste the same. You look around and feel like a stranger in your own life. You have no idea how you got here, and you have no idea how to get back out. You don’t know who you’ve become and can’t remember who you once were.

What’s the point of going forward from here?

The fact that you’ve found yourself on this page is a testament to your own strength. You know, deep down, that you deserve to live life abundantly. Even though you feel lost and scared, you believe that you do have a purpose and that you have every right to fully explore and search for that purpose. You just need some help.
You need someone to throw you that lifesaver. You don’t want to drown. You’re fighting to stay above water, but doing it alone is exhausting. You’re so alone. You’re here because you want to feel less alone, less scared, and more capable.

I am here. Let me be here for you.

I am highly trained in working with people who are experiencing or have recently experienced a shift in their lives, whether minor or major. I know that you’re feeling hurt and confused. I know that you want answers. You want to know what the next step is. I know you want to know “why.”

I’m not a crystal ball or a fortune teller. I am not all-knowing, and I can’t tell you why you’ve gone through this change or exactly what step to take next.

What I can do, however, is to make sure that you don’t drown. I can point you in the direction of hope and purpose. I can help you discover your own meaning in life, what is important to you, and why it’s important that you continue moving forward.

I can help you re-discover your strength that you feel like you’ve lost. Together, we can dig up that self-confidence and self-worth that seems like it’s been gone for a while. We can look for it, and I believe that with hard work and commitment that we can find it.

If you are ready to stop treading water and start living life abundantly, do not hesitate. Contact me today.
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