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If you are here, on our page, you have made it to a place of hope. It's possible that everyone else is unaware of your struggle, because on the outside, you appear strong, confident, and untroubled by self-doubt. According to everyone else, you're "killing it."

As both of us know, that's an illusion. On the inside, chaos reigns. There are feelings and thoughts that persist in your heart and mind that seem impossible to quiet. You ruminate. You're feeling lonely and inadequate. You fear rejection and failure. On the outside, you're under control. On the inside, you’re anything but.

Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

This discomfort, this desire for change, this darkness— this is a place of hope, because it prompts action! You are here because you are ready to get rid of your pain. You're ready to take real steps to quiet some of the chaos inside. We can help you to tame that chaos, specifically by helping you to:

• Manage stress
• Resolve conflicts
• Cope with depression and anxiety
• Accomplish your goals

Therapy, as many successful people understand, is the fertile ground where opportunity can begin to grow in your life. If you are willing, this can be the starting point for change, for learning, for hope. This is the time for you to sort out that internal chaos in a space that is completely without judgment or vested interest. Here is where you begin to separate lies from fact, illusion from truth. Here is where we can help you create clear thoughts, clear goals, and clear minds.

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Meet Kelly Mitchell

Are you feeling hopeless, exhausted, or overwhelmed? Are you ready to take real steps to evolve into who you were always meant to be? I have found my niche working with individuals who are struggling with change. Transitions occur in many places, are influenced by factors seen and unseen, and are so often beyond our control. Mood disorders, damaged or absent relationships, anxiety, and depression…I know how terrifying these shifts in our lives can be, and I am your expert in navigating these tumultuous waters.

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