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Therapy for Anxiety

Therapy for Anxiety

You promise yourself that you’ll go to the gym when you get home from work. You also remind yourself that you need to clean the dishes, vacuum the living room, take the dog for a walk, finish that assignment you’ve been putting off, and fold the laundry that’s been sitting in a basket for 3 days.

Finally, you get home from work, and you immediately find your sweatpants and wine. You have so much to do but can’t find the motivation to do any of it—your plate is so full that you can barely stand to look at it! You’re ashamed of the tasks that keep piling on, but too overwhelmed to start picking away at your to-do list.

So, your to-do list grows. And grows. And grows. Until it feels like it is constantly haunting you, the monster of things that you can’t seem to find motivation to get done. You would so much rather sit on the couch or sleep than have to deal with these seemingly impossible day-to-day responsibilities. Always more dishes to wash. Always more dog hair on the carpet. Always more work tasks to take home. Always more bills to pay. When does it stop?

No matter what you do, you never feel good enough. You’ve never accomplished enough. You dread the work that you’re faced with every day. You have no space in your mind or your heart for anything; stress has made its home throughout your body.

You’re losing your temper with your partner, family, and friends. You don’t spend as much time with them as you would like to because of how overwhelmed you are. At this point, you’re feeling stressed and anxious every single day.

This anxiety has grown so severe that it prevents you from sleeping; the moment your head hits the pillow, that nasty monster rears its head and starts reminding you of everything you haven’t done and need to do. You wake up the next morning feeling without rest and without peace. Even still, responsibility calls: You wake up, go to work, and the cycle starts all over again.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine living a life that integrates work and play. Imagine being able to accomplish tasks and feel on top of your responsibilities and finding time to take care of yourself with a daily workout, spending time with friends, and even getting a full 8-hour night’s sleep!

Think about what life would be like with confidence that comes from living a well-rounded, accomplished, organized life. A life that marries all your responsibilities with all your loves and joys.

Imagine being able to breathe—take real, deep, satisfying breaths! Imagine a life like this:

You don’t dread work tasks, and they no longer feel impossible. Taking care of your home doesn’t feel impossible or an insurmountable task.

You no longer feel guilty for how you’re treating your friends, family, partners or children because you’ve been treating them with kindness, patience, and love.

You spend time throughout your day taking care of your to-do list, but also find time each day to take care of your soul. You sit down for an hour to read a few chapters of your favorite book. You take some time to swim laps at the pool. You take your dog on a longer walk than usual. You take a bubble bath. You take time to do something you love, and you don’t feel guilty about it!

You’ve learned to say “no” to some unnecessary tasks, and suddenly your plate is not as full as it used to be. Sifting through your to-do list is so much easier. You begin seeing your responsibilities and your entire life with a newfound clarity and peace. You have confidence in yourself and your abilities. With each day, you find yourself saying, “I can do this!”

Falling asleep is so much easier. You feel your mind and body relax once you’re in bed, and you fall asleep much faster than you used to. When you wake up, you feel healthier and more refreshed than you have in a long time.

We can help you get there!

Sure, life can be stressful at times for all of us. But to live with that stress and anxiety day and night, in a never-ending cycle, is a prison that you don’t have to stay in. At Clear Mind Therapy, we can help you find freedom from stress.

Counseling can help you manage your stress and anxiety in several ways. Learning mindfulness and relaxation techniques can train your mind and body how to avoid being engulfed by severe anxiety. Mindfulness can take your mind and body to a place of acceptance and peace, and counseling is an excellent place to learn and practice these techniques.

Counseling is also an opportunity for you to determine the priority of your responsibilities and the items on your to-do list. Are you stressing yourself out over tasks that are, by comparison, not as pressing as you are making them to be? Are you neglecting responsibilities that truly matter to you in order to be perfect and get everything done? By speaking with a professional in a safe, judgment-free space, you can discover what’s more important to you and what’s not so important, and adjust your to-do list accordingly.

Together, we can discover whether or not you may be taking on tasks unnecessarily. You may be ignoring your needs by saying “yes” to everything and everyone who asks you to do something for them. A key aspect of confidence and peace is learning to say “no” to things that are not good for you or that do not fit into your life. It’s learning to stand up for yourself so that you can maintain inner peace and sanity. Let’s discover what you have space for and what you really don’t. Let’s make that very full plate a little more manageable, together.

At Clear Mind Therapy, you will be heard. Your tears will be seen. Your lack of motivation will be understood. Your exhaustion will be validated. We know that every journey is different and that being a human is an incredibly stressful job. We are here for you.

With us, you will lead the way to a healthier, less-stressed life, and we will be right behind you, teaching you new skills, leading you to new perspectives, and encouraging you every step of the way.

It’s time to change—you know it, because you’re here, on our page. The best news of it all is that you don’t have to change by yourself. That’s why we are here. That’s what we do.

We believe that you’re ready. If you believe it, too, don’t hesitate. Today is your day to say goodbye to the stress monster and hello to peace. Contact us today.
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